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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Building a Stable

So this is really new for me. With that promise to live in the moment 3 years ago to my dying dog, believe it or not, I've been on a mental, emotional, and physical transformational journey.

Now, as I see it, I have 10, maybe 15 GOOD years left. You know what I mean? As in, in 15 years if there's an earth left, I'll pretty much be left to the company of animals and friends, rather than men. And that's perfectly OK with me. So it's time to just toss the traditional relationship idea off to the sidelines I think.

Most of my life, I haven't taken great care of myself, but that's changed. I also have a family history of poor health, but hopefully I can stem the tide of that somewhat with knowledge my mother never had in her life. So yes, in conclusion, as I see it, I have that short window left to really just get the hell out there and enjoy life. And since no one knows when our number is up....right?

And in symmetry with the blog change, I began, almost by coincidence, to actually, really enjoy life. Not just suffer through it, not just live to work, but work to live.

Part of the reasoning for the cheery outlook is definitely that this seems to be the moment of lust, because there are men coming out of the woodwork...not to just email me, not to just IM me, but to meet me. Eyeball to eyeball. And this is a first.

I have two friends who have always told me men flock to me. I have always thought they were ridiculously misguided, loving friends, and I would always retort, "I don't know if that's true, but they sure don't stick around do they."

But since I've let go of the waste of money sites (eHarmless, Matchless, and ChemstryNot) and focused just on the free OKCupid (yes sometimes I bash it and call it OKStupid) and on the network of people I've met in NYC, I have so many guys interested and some many interesting guys that I almost don't know how to narrow down the field. I feel like I'm betting on a Kentucky Derby race and some are contenders for the Triple Crown.

I just compared my dates to thoroughbred horses. Oh boy, can someone get me a Mint Julep, a Blackeyed Susan, and a Belmont Breeze please?

Honestly, I am not writing to brag. I'm writing to document in case I forget who they are!

The young cub. Much too young. I test-drove him. He's a winner in the feel-good, sex buddy category.

The blue-green-eyed finance man. My age. Handsome as hell and out of my league. This guy makes me laugh and feel sexy. Potential summer fling material, starting as soon as next week.

The LD Michigan man. My age. Loves baseball. Looks a bit like Mikey Lowell! Very good chance we'll meet, perhaps during the July 4th weekend. Hard to know more without eyeballing. Gives good cam eyeball though.

The LD Minnesota man (formerly Mr Real Potential). My age. He's a Red Sox fan, you may recall. I also said my date with him was the best date I'd been on since 2006 I think. But I shifted him into the nothing but a "when in town on business dinner hotel romp." His real potential went out the door when he told me he wasn't able to think about a serious relationship until he moves back to Jersey (next year). I'm still friendly with him because he was honest with me. He could have strung me along for the sex.

The Actor. My age. Sincerely warm, sweet guy who has a spanking fetish when he isn't an extra in various NYC-filmed series. Likely to be a friend and nothing more, although I've earned the nickname "demo girl" from him. More on this to come.

The Kinkster. Lives around the corner, less than a mile. Funny guy. My age, divorced, working 3 jobs to support 2 kids. Test-drove him. He qualifies as a nice, wild FwB and he buys breakfast. Bonus.

The Musician. Another young cub. Has toured the country and Europe playing music. Yet to meet. Perhaps this weekend.

Trust me, if you're wondering how you're going to follow along, I'm wondering how I'm going to keep them straight in my head and my date book.

Then again, 3 could come up lame, 2 could blow out mid-race, and 1....well, all it takes is one, right?

So who is your early money on?

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Ocean said...

Hmmm...I'm leaning towards LD Michigan. Resembles Mike Lowell... I like it! I like that he makes good eye contact.

Also, if he has a friend that looks like 'Tek send him my way! I'd come out of my hidey-hole for that.

Love what you've done with the new space. ;-)

larrylilly said...

MN and MI running neck and neck, around the third turn MI takes a slim lead, MI trying to gain the inside rail, MN presses hard against MI, MI catches a clod, stumbles a bit, MN takes back the lead, around the last turn, neck and neck, Finance man comes up along the outside, pulling even with MN and MI, Kinkster pusing hard in the middle, MI and MN eyeing each other, Finance man starting to wind, MI and MN, Kinsketer fading a bit, out of the pack comes Actor, he has a push, catches MI and MN, Kingster and Fiance man fading deep, Actor pulls ahead, two posts to go, its Actor, then MI then MN, Actor, MI, then MN, at the wire its a photo finish, Actor by a tongue, MI takes second and MN finishes in the money.

Actors can always find a way to talk themselves into a win. MN is a sport, meaning he is occupied with whats on the tube and MI, well, he has looks but he gives good eye, not ear.

One Lusty Sagittarian said...


The young cub - dropped

The blue-green-eyed finance man - married

The LD Michigan man - meeting July 2

The LD Minnesota man (formerly Mr Real Potential) - wants to meet, I told him I'm unavailable these days

The Actor - he is just a good friend. Knows about LD Michigan. LD Michigan knows about him.

The Kinkster - dropped. He's severely disappointed.

The Musician - never met

MissMelisaMae said...

Trying to get caught up and let me say I'm LO-VING the new attitude!

I'm going to be lurking around while I enjoy the hell out of your new lease on life.

You rock, Sweet D!


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