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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Freshness Dating

I think this blog is about as fresh as a just-picked strawberry. That’s right; not quite sweet enough to eat yet, but give it a day or two and ohmygoodness is it ever going to taste delicious.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my old blog. It has those crazy dates I've survived over the past three years. And my longing for my sweet dog. And those crazy days of exercise. That blog is like a comfortable 3-year old sweatshirt with holes in it. But just like that sweatshirt, there’s a time to wear it and a time not to wear it. And I think I’m entering a new season of crazy; a time in my life when I’d rather wear lingerie and boots than sweatshirts.

I almost named this blog Not Your Sister’s Blog, because I wanted to make my sister laugh each time she saw it, and I wanted to warn remind her that she may read things in here she wouldn’t know about her sister otherwise.

My trips to the city are becoming more frequent. My dates in general are picking up in pace. My dry spell seems to be ending; too early to tell. There doesn't seem to be a relationship among any of them, but I am really learning to be at ease with that and like I promised my sweet Sena, I am living in the moment.

It is the 1st summer of my 4th decade. Are you ready to join me while I have some fun? A new acquaintance of mine has stated that this will be the Summer of One Lusty Sagittarian. I am so ready. Bring it on!

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