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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mid-Western Man to Visit Jersey

I have managed to eCharm another mid-western man to come visit me in New Jersey. Seriously, Governor Christie should thank me. Perhaps with a nice little rebate or something.

Long-standing friends will know that last year, I had a mid-west eHarmless (not to be confused with my own unique brand of eCharm) visitor who didn't last long in Jersey, choosing to be taken to the airport early in fact, because he just couldn't handle being around my dog. Yeah. Whatever. And months later, we all came to the conclusion that perhaps he was in the closet gay when my moves and vivacious offers to him while we were out in Vegas came to naught but frustration on my part.

Well, the LD Michigan man, my Mikey Lowell lookalike, is most definitely not in the closet. He's a man's man. Nor does he live with his mother. Sad when this is actually a rarity. Sign of the economy or age-related? As previously mentioned...

The LD Michigan man. My age. Loves baseball. Looks a bit like Mikey Lowell! Very good chance we'll meet, perhaps during the July 4th weekend. Hard to know more without eyeballing. Gives good cam eyeball though.

He's quite decisive in his pursuit of me. Ticket is booked, plans are set. I love that feeling. So refreshing. And he's quite determined to see if his interest in me is sustainable face-to-face. We've been rather matter-of-fact about things for the most part, basing our previous experiences on meeting people online and long-distance; we know it could go from vibrant to dead within 24 hours of meeting.

Yet hope springs eternal that we might all find someone with whom to pass the idle hours of life. After all, I'm a Red Sox fan and he's a Cubs fan. We know what it is like to put energy and effort into something and believe with all your heart that it is possible to win.

And just in time to remind me of this, the peonies in the front yard are blooming.

And the lake sunsets are reminding me why I continue to pay rent here.

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Girl in Carolina said...

That lake picture is so pretty. So are the peonies!!!

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