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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Can someone please tie me to something solid? Where is my fellow Sagittarians who know how hard it is to stay grounded? Hit me upside the head with a dose of reality, will you? Because here's what I'm dealing with....

When there's a sexy, 39-year old never married with no kids who loves dogs baggage-free man out there in the world thinking about what color flowers best match your eyes (purple, apparently), many thoughts run through your mind:
  • Is he gay?
  • How is it that he's still single?
  • Have I finally won the lottery?
  • Where has he been all my life?
  • How do I survive the next 31 days until I meet him?
And then when he randomly text messages "You're beautiful, don't you forget it," in the middle of your work day, your inflated head just detaches from your body, and it suddenly feels like you're floating over the Hudson River.

 Grounded? Oh yes. Of course. I'm staying grounded. Right.

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Carolina Girl said...

I think it's too late dahling! We already have liftoff! hee hee Enjoy the ride!

MissMelisaMae said...

Oh my! Just ride it out, darling! You never know where it will take you...:)

Keeping fingers (and toes) crossed. He's a doll baby!


Sarah said...

Ooh, he IS easy on the eyes. Yum! :-)

Donna C said...

Oh My.... Good luck - not sure staying grounded is possible... ;) enjoy!!

One Lusty Sagittarian said...

Y'all are not helping! *meep* I suspect however, y'all are right!

LiLu said...

I'm with these gals. Might as well sit back and enjoy it... you've already taken off. ;-)

Maruska Morena said...

Eek.. I'm terrified he's gay.. but he's yummy enough that I'd be sailing away as well.. and I'm not a Sagittarian. :) Hope it works out to be as dreamy as he seems. :)

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