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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moving News!

"People are never more insecure than when they become obsessed with their fears at the expense of their dreams." Norman Cousins

That quote bears repeating from my last post where I waxed philosophical about sex and relationships and everyone must be too busy with summer pool parties and having sex of their own gardening to comment.

I have incredible news. I am facing fear and living one of my dreams!

We're going to need a new nickname for the LD Man because he's not going to be LD anymore.

He's moving to Jersey!

Do I simply refer to him as The Man now? That sounds highly tacky and egotistical. I like it. Entertaining alternative suggestions of course!

I have to admit I'm under the influence of the Old Spice Man after his hilarious insta-video-twitter replies aired on Youtube yesterday. I seriously suggest you watch them in a new window/tab because you will be there awhile!

LD Man does wear Old Spice, well, Old Spice deodorant at least. I know this because I picked some up for him. Did you know there are one million types and scents? Crazy marketing.

We have too many choices in this country, and people wonder why they're raising spoiled brats who disrespect everything? Ack. I'm starting to sound conservative. Stop. That. Now.

Insert sexy liberal video here, preferably of an SNL-Justin-Timberlake-related skit. Ah....much better.

Wow, am I a tangent-running freak or what?

See, my head is not quite screwed on right these days. It is floating over the Hudson River.

You know, I'm packing. Best I can.

And working - starring as myself, and co-starring as my boss, with guest appearances as another manager while they're both away. Where's my Oscar?

And I'm fixated on LD Man's arrival. NEXT WEEK!

And I'm PMSing.
And I'm retaining cortisol from all the stress.
And I can't fit into ANY of my pants.

So I'm giving them all away and going pantsless.

Or... I will try to buy some this weekend.

Yeah, PMS girl stressed over moving goes shopping for pants. That ought to make the evening news.

But did I mention the most important thing? I am happily living a dream come true!

So I will quit bitching for the moment and smile but you need to smile with me!

OK, if you need smile therapy, a good twitfriend sent me this remedy. (I especially laughed when he got bit in the ass.) Alternatively, if you don't like puppies, there's always the double rainbow guy.

Whoa dude, I'm going to be cohabitating with my love. That's an emotional double rainbow right there.

3 love kisses:

Girl in Carolina said...

Soooo excited for you. Swoon away friend!

Maruska Morena said...

Oooo This is AWESOME GIRL!!!! So exciting. Imma live vicariously through you from now on.. mmm k? :)

Mannie said...

Hey this is great news! I am glad you have a boyfriend after all the bad luck that you've been through in the dating front.

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