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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pack, Breathe, Laugh. Repeat.

I'm too tired to write coherently. You've been warned.

I had an entire post in my head for days, but sitting here now, I just can't write it out.

Many funny moments between me and (he needs a new nickname) this week. I'm talking side-splitting laughter moments. Really love how much we laugh together.

Anyone ready for Southern Style Rock Band?

GASP: Mid-westerner loves Neapolitan style pizza!

Right now, I'm in a state of limbo. Half-packed to leave and half-preoccupied with the new rental. I really have resisted the urge to just take off and disappear, and I have stuck it out and looked through old letters and memories and pitched what had to be discarded. I couldn't have done this alone. Physically and emotionally draining. Thank God for He Needs a New Nickname. He is so logical and organized. Everyone needs someone like him around!

As for the new rental...well....there's a lot to do. Paint for one thing (I love to paint, especially with dog and cat hair textured paint.) And something MUST be done about the front yard. Take a look:

As you can see, there's some landscaping opportunities. But I can't hire anyone, I have to do it myself. And I know nothing about this sort of stuff.

Mom says I should just plant grass, and the Princess of Sweden says that I should plant geraniums. In August, I don't know what I can find and plant.

Anyone else want to chime in with ideas? I'd like to hear!

3 love kisses:

Girl in Carolina said...

Hottie alert!

(I'm sorry, what were you saying????) ;)

Unknown said...

Along the path on both sides you can plant flowers, which--this time of year--are on same at most greenhouses for about 1/5-1/10th their April-May price. You can usually get them for about $5-6 per flat. Don't buy anything expensive (you're experimenting). Get something that does well in the shade (you see to have a lot along the path). See what happens. You still have 2-3 months of good weather left.

Good Luck--go to book store and learn something about gardening--don't buy anything until you've read a lot and gotten some practical experience.

If you decide to do something this year, you can ask me questions. I'm a fountain of information about gardening, and not hard to find.


Ocean said...

I can't get past the 2nd picture. My God. Mike Lowell moved in with you! The resemblance is amazing.

As for what to plant? uh.... I got nothin'.

And wish I was there to help with the painting. I LOVE painting. Feeds my inner-OCD.

Now get back to packing! :-) *hugs*

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