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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Little Lo

I made this clip of photos as a form of therapy to pay tribute to a sweetheart rescue.

3 love kisses:

Girl in Carolina said...

She was so beautiful. What a sweet tribute to her! I'm so sorry for your loss. xoxo

mel said...

She is such a beauty, inside and out. I had to watch several times, as my eyes welled up in tears and my heart spilled over .. over and over..

she came to you late in life, but what you packed into that short time you had together, made a miracle happen. she lit you like a candle donna, and because you allowed yourself to love-you both will glow FURever more.

Sena too will love her company until you arrive. if i get there first, i'll be waiting to meet you- with angel mica at my side. what you did my friend should be what all others use as a model.

Bless you and Bless her.

with our love and ALL DUE RESPECT.. to Rich too. honest to goodness!

m, m and angel m

Grace said...

Hello Ms Trueheart

I've not been blogging much for a variety of reasons, so I didn't see your kind comment on my blog about Lo until today.

I am so sorry. She was obviously such a beautiful, sweet girl. And while she was so lucky to have had you to take care of her, people who love dogs like we do realize how lucky we are to have such spiritual souls come into our lives, too. It's definitely a 2-way street.

Take care. Our hearts are with you,
Love, Grace & Buster

P.S. I am so glad you have found a soulmate in Rich to help you through this.

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