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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rings of All Sizes

By some glorious stroke of luck bestowed upon me by TheBigGirlBlog, I won a reader appreciation gift. Thank you CeCe!

My surprise doubled when I saw that it was a custom-designed ring of my choosing at Sparklewing!

Nevermind my huge hand. Every woman who sees this ring on my finger ooohs, ahhhhs, and then asks me, "Where did you get it?" I sound like a chanting monk with a mantra: Sparklewing, Sparklewing!

There are many rings in her For Sale inventory that just leave me starstruck. Blueberry? How about Pretty in Pink?

Well guess what, my sweet chicas? You too, could own one of these gorgeous conversation pieces.

Lisa, the amazing creator of Sparklewing, will make your very own custom-designed (you choose the colors!) ring for a discounted $15.00!

1. Browse the Sparklewing site, deciding what colors you'd like.
2. Email her the details, including your ring size, and use the code Lusty (that's me) so she'll know you're a VIP reader of mine.

This special Lusty offer lasts until November 30!

I'd love to see photos of your chosen ring, so be sure to take a photo when it arrives!

Look beautiful divas!

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