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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tuesday Was Rough

On Tuesday, the ex (long, long, over-and-done-with relationship of which I'll post up in the archives as soon as I get around to extracting those posts out of the other blog) MMS'd me a photo of his beloved English Springer hunting dog with the words: Percy's dead.

I loved her, more than I loved him (but that's the case with me and most people). And he knew well my attachment to our dogs, having lost 2 to cancer while together. He told me because, in his rather guilt-ridden, altered state of mind, (I quote): "We were a family back then."

The news of her death sunk me low. Her death was tragic, not a natural passing. And he was 100% responsible for it which made me want to rail at him, for ALL of the things that are his fault. But I didn't. I suffered quietly, sobbing at work, complete with a bloody nose due to the uber (yes that's a German word perfect for the company) dryness of the office air. And this hit on a day in which I had to fight louder and longer than usual at work to make my editorial opinion heard by people who simply don't want to understand.

To compound the emotional state I felt, when I got home, I had an argument with my pet sitter who was coming in regularly to let the dogs out for mid-day potty breaks. The result of that argument? I am no longer paying a pet sitter, and I've probably been blacklisted on the local pet-sitting circuit as a difficult client with a difficult dog. To which I say, I've DONE THE JOB and I know how to do it well.

Mr Michigan checked in on me to find me a bundle of moodiness, the first of such he's ever experienced from me in our two-month courtship. I just needed a good long cry and to be alone. So, I briefly told him about the day, in no real dramatic fashion, just a straight-forward here's what happened today rundown. I told him I felt sick and needed to lie down.

While I was sleeping off the foulness, he secretly ordered these to arrive the next day:

They are 30 stems of Freesia and they arrived as buds. I have been looking forward to watching them open.

He is officially deemed a very sweet man.

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Ocean said...

Awww, Rusty, I am so sorry to hear about Percy. That is tough stuff, indeed. Hang in there.

The flowers are very sweet. I'm glad you are being treated how you deserve to be treated.

Hugs to you and your clan!

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