Fourth Decade: Sucking the marrow out of life since 1969.

Who's That Girl?

Born just after the Summer of Love in a small New England town to working class, Polish-Scottish-Welsh-Italians, the youngest daughter of 4 children by a 12-year gap.

Father died before age 2; Mother never remarried.

Escaped small town mentality ASAP. Flourished in alternative education college in western Massachusetts, granted English degree; vowed to live in MA forever.

But love brought her overseas and marriage soon followed at the ripe age of 20. A 7-year, transcontinental experience would change her world forever. She experienced more of life's lessons than she expected; divorced and scarred by her late 20s, with no idea what to do next.

Stage left: Time to be wild. Moved to Scotland. Became a nightclub vampire DJ's favorite American. Wanted to stay forever. "Or Not to Be," said Hamlet.

Re-embraced Massachusetts and the fine art of editing English for Americans who cannot write to save their lives.

The current scene: Twelve years after Scotland, living in a stress-filled corporate life, aiming for balance. She struggles "for the legal tender, say a prayer for the pretender, who started out so young and true, only to surrender."

Moved to Jersey for Springsteen, the last lover, and the paycheck. Still in Jersey for Springsteen and the paycheck.

Oh, Love?

What's love these days?

"I knew it once," says Juliet. "But now I wonder if all the Romeos might be dead."

Updated: September 2010 - All but one!

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